Infinity Consulting has been the perfect solution to solving our network/mainframe miscommunications, fixing everything from large to small problems. They have helped us purchase the correct equipment as well. All of this has saved us many hours of potentially lost business. I don't have great worries if my systems have a problem because I can call Infinity. My problems will be addressed in a very timely fashion with great efficiency. I don't usually take the time out of my day to write notes of compliment or complaint but I know I like hearing good things about my business and employees and suffice it to say that I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Chief Financial Officer
Park Surgical Co., Inc

We have been with Infinity Consulting ever since the beginning of 2004. Since then, Infinity Consulting has deftly handled all our issues and helps to keep us up and productively running as smoothly as can be. Over the years, I have referred Infinity Consulting to many family members and friends alike with tremendous success. They get it right the first time and quickly which is what one really wants in an IT support situation, especially if your livelihood is on the line. If you work with computers, you need Infinity Consulting and the sooner you get there, the better off you will be.

Branch Manager
Avistar Mortgage

Infinity was recommended to us by our accountant after he witnessed the mess our computers were in. Previously we had a technician who spent a ridiculous amount of hours servicing our computers which regularly crashed. Once Infinity came on board and reconfigured our computers everything began to run smoothly and efficiently. All we do now is regularly service them and update when and if necessary. No one in my office is really computer savvy and having Infinity available has made our lives so very much easier. They are totally dependable, honest and reasonable. More often than not they fix any problem remotely with no fuss or downtime. I can only say that switching to Infinity is the best move I have made in a long time!

Gelmor Trading Co

Less than 2 years ago, Infinity brought our company into the world of PC Networking within a very short period of time in a most efficient and effective fashion. Our equipment was upgraded expeditiously and the entire process of conversion to a network environment was made without any work disruption.

Infinity has advised our company in its decision to purchase a new accounting system deemed necessary in an increasingly competitive environment in its industry. They have guided us in implementing networking advancements in telecommunications, merchant banking, inventory tracking and overall computer system security.

Our relationship with Infinity has immeasurably improved productivity and control of our entire operation and we look forward to a continued relationship with Infinity in achieving even greater technological advancements.

Bruce Supply Corp.

Professional, prompt, courteous and a job well done are just some of words that come to mind when we think of Infinity Consulting. Joseph Rabinowitz CEO of Infinity has been at our side through thick and thin. When we made our move to a bigger facility several years ago, which in of itself is a daunting experience, Joseph and his able staff handled the IT portion of the move with grace, humor and most of all perfection. The part of our move that we expected to be our biggest headache didn't even get on the radar screen. On the final day of our move, we just sat down at our new desks and all of our computers were up and running as if we had never moved, a truly remarkable feat. In addition the maintenance and service that we need from time to time, is handled in a timely and exemplary manner. We could never have grown to the extent we have, without Infinity's help.

Perfect Pearl/Majestic Pearl